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Our mission is simple, it’s to be there as a resource when children are on the verge of trouble and to be a guide when they have gotten in trouble. Because prevention before problem is always the best way to go.

Project EX

Teen Smoking Cessation Program

An effective tobacco use cessation, school-based clinic program for high risk, high school youth.  Project EX utilizes motivating activities designed to stop or reduce the use of cigarettes.  Project EX also enables the student to state accurate information about environmental, social, physiological and emotional consequences of tobacco use.

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Towards No Drug Abuse

The Towards No Drug Abuse Classes are designed to alter at-risk juveniles’ behaviors by making them aware of the risks and consequences of alcohol and drug use.

Some of the things that teens will cover in the program include:  learning to set goals and understanding how decisions and choices affect all areas of life, learning how binge drinking and alcohol poisoning affect the body, learning about the dangers of using meth, marijuana, ecstasy, cigarettes, hallucinogens, inhalants and prescription medications, learning refusal skills and how to party safely (without alcohol or drugs), being made aware of the various laws concerning alcohol/drugs and driving, and discovering the negative effects of getting a DUI conviction.

The objectives of the curriculum come down to one thing: we want the students to make responsible, informed decisions.  We work to increase knowledge of the facts and laws associated with using illegal substances.  We also work to change opinions and behaviors by teaching about the dangers of substance abuse, using goal setting to remember one’s values, and helping youth learn how to recognize and respond to peer pressure.

We have a formal pre and post evaluation that we give to every class and we keep statistics on the students.

The class is eight hours long and is currently being held on Saturdays.  Cost for the class is free.  Classes are currently being held at National University.  This class is taught by Kelly Nickel.

Mad City Money

In response to the high number of petty theft cases, the Mad City Money class was launched in partnership with Members First Credit Union.

This class is designed to educate youth about the effects of shoplifting on our community. The class dove tails into financial literacy, banking, bill-paying and budgeting. There is also a 3-hour live simulation where each youth is given a small budget and are required to purchase an automobile, housing, utilities, food, and child care.

We know good kids make bad choices, and we believe in restoration through education, mentoring, and community engagement.

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